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Monday, 24 May 2010

Pengajaran Musim Exam !

Exam season seems to show me more and more on how am I very different from the rest of them :-

Diorg : Mata semua ade eye bags sbb stay up malam2 study.

Saya : Mata eye bags, sebab terlebih tidur.

Diorg : On laptop, khusyuk baca nota online/ buat past years.

Saya : On laptop, khusyuk layan FB. ( nuff said!!!)

Diorg : Cramp2 kaki duduk lama kt library nk study.

Saya : Kaki cramp jugak, sebab berjam2 work out kt gym.

Diorg : Kdg2 sggup skip meals sbb nk study. Berlapar kejap.

Saya : Asyik mengunyah je spjg masa. Still rasa lapar lgi. Sigh~

Diorg : Bunyi dari bilik sedang menghafal fakta2 dri lecture notes.

Saya : Bunyi dari bilik sedang karaoke lagu Justin Bieber.

Diorg : Sanggup jalan jauh pg library nk fokus tyme study.

Saya : Sanggup jalan jauh pg gym sbb xnk study, apatah lagi fokus kann...

Diorg : Duit byk saving sbb x keluar shopping kt city, STUDY!

Saya : Free time, bukak Ebay. Duduk rumah pun duit mengalir mcm air.sobb3~

Diorg : Tak pernah sponsors warning sbb x perform in study.

Saya : Mungkin sponsor da x larat nak warning saya pun.


Diorg : kalau nmpk saya lagha sgt tue, tegur je la yer. Sentap pun biarlah, dari xde org igtkan langsung.

Saya : Syasya, STUDY!!!!!

Thursday, 6 May 2010


I wanted to write this for so long, but did not have chance. One could say, now exam season still got time meh? Haha. This is just another strong reason not to touch books for an hour or so. It would not make me feel guilty because I am doing something good. (blogging,lol.). This is also made in conjunction of the Leavers Party on this coming Sunday. Do come everyone!!!

Okay. This post is dedicated to a group of people who have sort of changed me. THE NMS COMMITTEE 2009/2010. To the extent that I am somehow a partially different person now. Used to be clumsy, not-so-organised me to a reliable, better-organised Syasya. Lets begin with the Taiko, lol.


Well-known for his nerdy-ness and his craze for Ice Hockey up to the point where he only got 20 pounds in his bank account because the rest are mostly spent on Ice Hockey, or maybe books. I knew he exists since I was in KYUEM, never got the chance to know in-person. Maybe because he is the Permanent Resident of Resource Centre (library) back in college. Given a chance to work under Fiqry was a bless. He is a strong, efficient, smart leader. Has the gift of words and very bold. ‘Solid’, quoted from Encik makes it clear about lots of things in working with people that you don’t learn in school nor college. At times, he always comes up with lame jokes. But, I gotta laugh, he’s my boss. Haha. Nevertheless, I have met very few people who have made me fascinated by their working ettiques, and you’re one of them.
I was once called Fiqry’s apprentice, and guess what, I am proud to be called one.


The chocolate-cakes expert. One of the calmest,coolest Vice President I have ever met. She knows when to be serious, when to be funny, when to act like a colleague, and when to act gossip girl. XOXO. Hehe.


One of the best people to go and find advice. Very helpful. NO!!! Super helpful. Frankly, I have never amazed by any secretary, but you did amaze me. Hehe. Not exaggerating. I really do!! My best companion to go to gym and sport centre. Faizal Tahir kipas-susah-mati.


You know Liyana, sumpah I seram dgn you dulu sbb I thought you garang, Haha. Then,after NMG habis, I saw the different side of you and perangai gila2 tu terserlah juga. Maybe NMG Syndrome kn, too much pressure. Emm, to new committee, klu lepas ni Akmal yg suka buat lawak tu jadi garang. Korg faham2 je la. Lol. Liyana was successfully a director of NMG 2009, enough said!!!


Hmm, ni yg paling mencabar nk describe. Baik sgt, smpi tak tahu nk describe cmne. Hehe. She’s a wonderful, nice sister. The best Welfare Secretary I have ever met. Pandai masak, hint2*.


The retired Ah-Long. Hehe. An efficient one though, that one no doubt. Always gives good ideas and trendy.=).


The coolest guy in town!!!


Speaks very politely. Nice person to know. Org penting yg banyak organise kick-side events for NMS. Nampak mcm shy, but sumpah, he works very good.

I am grateful that I came to Nottingham, meet great people, work with them including other seniors such as Akmal Roji, Muaz, Irina, Kak Maryam , Cha, Daus, Salim and the list goes on. I know just by saying thanks will not be enough. But, from the bottom of my heart, to all seniors of Nottingham and Leavers, THANK YOU.

Footnote (IMPORTANT) : This post does not entitle any of the previous committee to be excluded from helping the new committee. Haha. I mean it. Be prepared for each of us will start bugging you all very soon. Hehe.

Warm regards,