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Saturday, 14 August 2010

The 16th Kalsom!!!

From 4th August 2010 until 8th August 2010,


To start off, this is the first P.K. that I have ever attended. I must admit that I had learned so many things there. From friendship, to understanding to being kind and the list goes on. Instead of going on and on about P.K. I will let the pictures to tell the stories.

The credit goes to the hardworking committe who turned Kalsom 16 from paper into a reality. I have no words to express my gratitude of being given a chance to work with this wonderful people. Thanks guys.

Credit also goes to all the high-spirited facilitators, without whom the Kalsom 16 will never be another huge success.

Erm, kak syasya yang garang bersama dgn kak Nesha yg lagi garang.hehe..

As of Program Anak Angkat, the villagers were nothing but full of love and attention. Millions of thanks go to the people of Kg. Langkap!!

Kami disambut dengan berarak dan alunan marhaban. Sweet kan..???

Kami dibawa mandi air terjun oleh beloved foster mummies and foster daddys.=).

Erm, pakai kain batik lepas mandi sungai. Lol.

I am with the Money Dealer of Kalsom. Miss Alifa.=).

All in all, Kalsom 16 was a kick-ass event. Thanks again to everyone. See you all back in Kalsom 17!!!!!


Purpleheart said...

ayunya pakai kain batik..pasti bakal2 ibu mertua akan tergoda..

Fiqry said...

yes, join pk 17! :D

aqil rienie said...

salam.. mcm saya nk beli kain merah yg awk pkai.. mmg mencri kain tu