Keep my head up. Keep my heart strong. Keep my smile sweet. Keep my words nice.

Friday, 24 December 2010

What is your favourite word?


For me, every success starts with one step. The first step acts as a foundation to a progression of moves to come.

‘Believe’ is more than just a word; it encapsulates an inner strength that is planted inside me to avoid the pitfalls or mishaps in the course of striving for my goals. To attain one’s goal is no easy feat. Through this course, I would encounter myriads of obstacles and things that could potentially spell failures.

The ‘belief’ that I embrace would spur me to face the challenges regardless of the difficulties. It would trigger me in refusing to indulge in negativity or pessimism. I will work hard to reach for the sky as I believe in the beauty of my dreams.

Our brains are indeed very special. It need not be pumped with magical liquids or specially-formed waves to create wonders. When one has conquered one’s mind with success, the rest will just follow through towards greater heights.

Even the economy works on belief and expectations. For example, people would speculate whether the value of bonds would rise or fall and investors would then decide on buying them.

Consider the case where the general prices start to fall down. Once prices start to fall down, consumers would believe and expect that the downward trend to continue. These belief and expectations would reduce demand on goods and have a knock-on effect on production which would eventually cause a deflationary spiral in the economy.