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Monday, 15 August 2011

China Summer School (Awesome!!!!) Part 3.

6th July 2011

A day trip to Hangzhou!

From Ningbo, we left at 7 in the morning straight to our first tourist spot. The West Lake, the most beautiful and biggest lake in China. :).

We dropped at this one place called Hefang Street with small kiosks and shops stretched along the way. Next, off we went to the Hangzhou Song Dynasty City.

On top there is where a newly married couple stand and give presents to the commoners.

View of the shops at one of the street inside the city.

I know. Even looking at it gave me goosebumps. Too massive.

Nice view from the top, at where the Giant Buddha was built.

Iklan : Gemuk tak baby ni? Omomomo...Anak uncle dgn auntie yg jaga printing shop...LOL..

7th July 2011

Last couple of days seemed hard to believe. Almost two weeks have passed and lots of things have been treasured. We had our last big dinner together at a posh place called The Grandma's. Dont you even bother to ask me how much that dinner cost us. Lol.

8th July 2011.

Officially the last night with everyone. And so, we spent our last night indulging the desserts at the Gugu Shop. :).

That is our endless trial to snap a picture at that bushy,lousy lighting, full of bugs spot.

Nottingham Ningbo. Much similar to Nottingham UK in a way, innit? :).

Special thanks to two home students, Nicole and Shirley for being two awesome mums for us for these two weeks. I have treasured every single moment with all of you. The knowledge shall be useful and the memories are what we shall hold on to after this.

Thanks again and I will (NOT!) miss China. :).

Zai Jian!!

China Summer School (Awesome!!!!) Part 2.

1st July 2011


I'll let the pictures do the talking for now. :). Quoting a friend, "a picture speaks thousands words, but Sasya speaks more". Eh. Haha.

It took us 3 hours to reach Shanghai from Ningbo. Traffic in Shanghai was crazy! And so, we went straight to The Bund. Spent about an hour or so walking around. And off we go to our hotel. Super cozy. Seee there!!!! Haha.

That's the used-to-be tallest building in the world before Taipei 101 was built.

2nd July 2011

This was the HOTTEST day ever!

The first place that we went was the Yuyuan Garden which located inside a place called Cheng Huang Miao.

And then, there was this one old temple, or so they called it because it did not look old at all. And it was full of the Buddhist and Taoism gods.

We stayed at that place until lunch time.Then we went to Tian Zi Fang, a place where they have small shops selling their traditional stuffs. I dint snap any pictures there though. Blame the heat! It just boiled half of my brain.

And so, we were sort of done with the tentative arranged by the tour guide pretty earlier than expected. Cut short, the lousy tour (which called herself Shadow..err..) did not know where else to go. A group of us were sort of pissed of with the tour guide (with Shadow!) that we decided to go and find something else to do elsewhere. And so it started..finding your own way using the map..

And so it turned out, I was pretty useless..right up there! Did not help with the map at all and was just tailing them here and there. Lol.

Alas, we decided to watch CHINESE OPERA!

To be honest, watching Chinese Opera was a next experience but to go again will be a big no-no. I could not stand the high-pitched,screeching sound they made every time you blink your eyes. Lol. But yeah, they kinda did.

3rd July 2011.

Last day in Shanghai. First destination : Shanghai Museum. :).

I dont need to describe museum right? Or do I..err..

Second destination : Folk Painting Village

Third destination : Fengjing Ancient Town

To be continued..:).

China Summer School (Awesome!!!!) Part 1.

Dear readers ( if there's,

I shall apologise for the long break I took, I just plunge in (head first!!) into this lazy phase for quiet too long,and I forgot how to get out. Now I am back !!! So dear readers, welcome back to reading the silly life of me.:).

Before I forget everything that happens last few months, I wanna write down whatever I can remember throughout my two weeks stay in China.

On Sunday, 26th June 2011, I flew off to Hangzhou, China from LCCT to attend Overseas Summer School programme hosted by University of Nottingham Ningbo.

Story cut short, I was 'forced' to pay 700 YUAN (READ THAT!!!!) for an airport transfer from Hangzhou airport to the campus. That "sengal" fella unbelievably arranged a Honda Accord to fetch me ALONE!!!!! And I have to pay 700 yuan!!!!! Yes. I went emo (ALOT!) over that.

Nevertheless, I arrived safely at the campus, checked in and went flat on the bed.

27th & 28th June 2010

First two days of classes were....How do I put into words?? I was like...LOST! LOL. Okay, and so the teacher was this one Russian guy who is so fond into China for some reasons I still cannot figured out until now and kinda giving up in doing that. He started with some introduction about this communism thing going on in China and bla3....Giving upppp! Haha. I just cant remember. Sorry peeps.

29th June 2010

Now, good stuff. Ningbo Trip ! We have dedicated the whole Wednesday exploring the whole Ningbo, seeing the unseen (by saying that, I just meant that we went to see something that locals dont even bother to see!). It was nice though. Roads in China were super scary. More or less like Malaysia, except that you see Chinese character everywhere.

And so, we went the oldest library in Ningbo. The Tianyi Pavilion library. No extra details provided (here. haha. I couldnt bother to read).

And off we went to Moon Lake, Vegetarian Lunch, Ningbo Museum and KTV!!!!! (that's what they call karaoke in China and that is the best part of the day!).

30th June 2010

Class on a top of a hill!!!!

And so the Russian teacher decided that we should have our classes elsewhere that day, and so we went. It was....errr...somewhere. Seriously I cannot remember the name but the journey up to the top was DEATHLY SCARY YOU FEEL YOU WANT TO STAB THE DRIVER!!! I am not kidding. It was a very nice view from the top though, worth the evil ride.

To be continued...:).